Our Ministry

Our History:

B. Andrews started as a youth worship band at the Hancock Wesleyan Church in Hancock, WI where Eric is the pastor. In those days "The Band" as they were called was 8 members big and the purpose was to use the gifts God gave the young people. in 2007 5 guys emerged to form the group, "Sonic Demolition" which is the business name of our ministry organization to this day! It was this group of 5 that went to the studio to cut the first EP with 5 songs. Those members were Chris Hambrock, Trevor Hilpipre, Jon Hambrock, Ben Hambrock & Eric Hambrock. One by one the members have dropped out to fulfill other callings til only Eric & Jon remain. In 2014, Emmali Hambrock joined the band followed by Danny Kaehn in 2015. In 2017, Emmali will leave to pursue other areas of ministry.

Our Ministry:

B. Andrews leads Youth Worship at the Hancock Wesleyan Church so they are active in ministry on a weekly basis. They Also have a great desire to influence the world around them with worship and evangelism...


Worship is at the heart of Jon's ministry. Through music participation, a humble heart and the Holy Spirit B. Andrews leads a group to the throne of God to meet the King for revival and refreshment.


Evangelism is at the heart of Eric's ministry. Through a mix of popular secular tunes and originals written by B. Andrews, the band takes you on a journey of fun and sentiment that will touch theart. And in that tender moment, ask participants to allow Christ to come into their lives.


If you would like to book B. Andrews for a Worship event or an Evangelistic event contact them today! Don't think you can afford them? Check out the event ideas at the bottom of the previous page and contact them anyways. You will be surprised at what B. Andrews will say yes too!